Footage Licensing

The CTD Clip Licensing Group

The CTD Clip Licensing Group handles requests for commercial licensing from CBS's library of television properties. We do not handle licensing for CBS News, CBS Sports, or CBS Radio. We are strictly prohibited from selling footage or individual episodes from any program for personal or promotional use.

All requests to license footage must be in writing to

The CTD Clip Licensing Group currently manages the following libraries:

  1. ABC Worldvision Library
  2. CBS International
  3. CTD First Run Programming
  4. CTD Syndication Library
  5. Eyemark
  6. Kingworld Productions
  7. NBC Republic Library
  8. Paramount International Television
  9. Republic Entertainment
  10. Rysher Entertainment
  11. Viacom Enterprises
  12. Westinghouse/Group W
  13. Worldvision Enterprises