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Judge Judy

Series Description

JUDGE JUDY is the Emmy-winning, daily half-hour syndicated, courtroom series presided over by former family court judge, Judge Judith Sheindlin. With her outspoken style, hard-hitting decisiveness and biting wit, Judge Judy single-handedly reinvented the courtroom genre and in the process has become TV’s most watched court show and a pop culture phenomenon.

This Week's Episodes
Mon: Truck Surrender?!
A young man buys a truck from a friend for $200 and works for a month to get it in running condition; his friend sues him for the value of the vehicle.
Tue: Judge Judy Minnesota Beatdown!
When a group of young men show up in court looking for a good time; the Judge gives them a lesson in judicial etiquette.
Wed: Unbearable Living Conditions?!
A blind dog, an alleged felon and a whole lot of things that don’t work come into play when a fed-up tenant goes after her landlord. 
Thu: Phantom Boyfriend in Malaysia?
A man gives his co-worker $3,000 to help her boyfriend get back into the United States; the money and the boyfriend go missing soon after.
Fri: The Engagement Ring Collector?
Domestic abuse by a woman and a $5,000 engagement ring used as bail collateral come into play when unwed parents finally call it quits.