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Judge Judy

Series Description

With her outspoken style, hard-hitting decisiveness and biting wit, Judge Judith Sheindlin single-handedly reinvented the courtroom genre and in the process has become TV’s most watched court show and a pop culture phenomenon. A former New York Family Court judge known for her ability to cut through a dispute and get to the core of the emotional issue at hand, Judge Judy acts as a true moral compass for people seeking guidance, resolution and a little common sense in their often complicated lives.

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This Week's Episodes
Mon: Vicious Assault; Broken Jaw
Drunkenness and impaired judgment come into play at a bachelor party; an injured partygoer has to have his broken jaw wired shut.
Tue: Father Protects Drunk Daughter?
A man says his daughter was being choked by the father of her children when he intervened and was assaulted; he sues for damages.
Wed: Child Support Sleuth
An ex-lover’s fight over furniture ends with an investigation by the judge into a young man’s ability to pay child support.
Thu: Babysitting Danger
Allegations of meth and pot use, 40 harassing phone calls, and a father’s full-time custody of his kids come into play when a nanny and employer fight.
Fri: Dehydrated Defendant
A man claims his mouth is dry because he drank alcohol the day before court, not because he’s lying about the custody of two cars with his ex-lover.