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Everybody Loves Raymond

Series Description

Everybody Loves Raymond is set apart by its smart, adult, family comedy, combining real-life situations; strong, well-defined characters; distinctive performances by expert comic actors and crisp, clever writing. The series follows the relationships between three close-knit generations who happen to live a little too close for comfort. When it comes to life with the Barones, the conversation gets as hot – and as rich – as the food.

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This Week's Episodes
Mon: “The Game”
When Ray and his family play a game of “Scruples” after their cable goes out and they have nothing but time on their hands, they find themselves arguing about honesty.  To make matters worse, when Ray complains to the cable company about the disruption in service, he is informed that he has an illegal hookup -- courtesy of his dad.
Tue: “Recovering Pessimist”
When Debra tries to change Ray’s pessimistic attitude about winning the “Sports Writer of the Year Award,” he agrees to change his ways and become more upbeat - - and suffers the downside of being the only optimist in his family.  When Ray finally starts feeling good about himself and his recent accomplishments, his family is surprised by the change in his personality and accuses him of being a “bragger with a swelled head.”
Wed: “Neighbors”
When Frank’s late-night buzz sawing and Marie’s persistent meddling bother the neighborhood, they meet with Ray to discuss how he’ll inform his parents of their complaints.  When Frank and Marie show up unexpectedly at Ray’s house, they assume that Ray planned the meeting to talk about them behind their backs.  Feeling guilty for having the meeting at his home, Ray goes to confession to admit he broke a commandment - - the one about honoring thy father and thy mother.  But when the priest hears who Ray’s parents are, he is absolved.
Thu: “Why Are We Here?”
When Debra gets fed up with Ray’s family intruding in her life, they both reminisce about how quiet life used to be in their old apartment miles away from his family.  Ray reminds Debra that he never wanted to move closer to his parents because he knew they would make pesky in-laws.  At the time Debra thought he was overreacting about his parents, until they moved across the street from the elder Barones, and Debra’s had to live with the consequences.
Fri: “Father Knows Least”
Ray gets to use the “active technique” he and Debra learned in parenting class on his parents when their stubbornness goes too far.  Ray doesn’t realize how much he’s mastered the technique learned in class until he uses his skills first on his parents and then on Ally, both with surprising results.