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Everybody Loves Raymond

Series Description

Everybody Loves Raymond is set apart by its smart, adult, family comedy, combining real-life situations; strong, well-defined characters; distinctive performances by expert comic actors and crisp, clever writing. The series follows the relationships between three close-knit generations who happen to live a little too close for comfort. When it comes to life with the Barones, the conversation gets as hot – and as rich – as the food.

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This Week's Episodes
Mon: No Roll
When Ray and Debra sit down to play "Sensuoopoly", it's clear that they have very different approaches to playing the game, which leads to a rather uncomfortable conversation about ways they can improve their intimacy after being together for 12 years.
Tue: Ray's Ring
It's not bad enough that he's lost his ring while away from home, but then an attractive woman at the airport propositions him, thinking that he is single. When Debra learns what happened, she decides to take matters into her own hands and show Ray what it would be like if she pretended to be single—but her plan has disastrous results.
Wed: Jealous Robert
When Ray realizes that Debra and Marie have been in cahoots in a scheme to drive Robert back into Amy's arms, her urges them to mind their own business. Debra and Marie's good intentions backfire badly, however, when they find that Amy and Gianni are actually hitting it off.
Thu: It's Supposed to be Fun
While the Barones watch their sons play, Ray finds that Geoff is having trouble getting the hang of the game. As Geoff skips down the court and does pirouettes at the free throw line, Ray is mortified. He then learns the hard way that his son's lack of ability shouldn't interfere with either of them enjoying the game.
Fri: Raybert
Robert meets a beautiful woman who is a big fan of Ray Barone's sports column. But when the woman mistakes Robert for Raymond, Robert doesn't set her straight. Now, Robert has to involve Ray in a complicated plot to keep the woman from learning Robert's true identity.