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Everybody Loves Raymond

Series Description

Everybody Loves Raymond is set apart by its smart, adult, family comedy, combining real-life situations; strong, well-defined characters; distinctive performances by expert comic actors and crisp, clever writing. The series follows the relationships between three close-knit generations who happen to live a little too close for comfort. When it comes to life with the Barones, the conversation gets as hot – and as rich – as the food.

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This Week's Episodes
"All I Want for Christmas" 
All Ray wants for Christmas is a little loving from his wife and he's willing to try anything and everything to have his holiday wish come true. Ray has tried just about everything to get Debra "in the mood" and his dream comes true when she finally falls victim to his boyish
charm on Christmas morning. The problem? At the very moment that he gives her the shivers, his entire family is working their way into the house for Eggs Florentine and gift unwrapping. But where there's a will, there's a way -- and Raymond is determined to get what he wants from Santa this year.
"Marie's Meatballs" 
When Raymond chooses his mother's spaghetti and meatballs over his wife's lemon chicken, Debra gets upset. With good intentions, Ray asks his mom to give Debra cooking lessons. Although Marie and Debra have fun in the kitchen, the meatballs lead Marie to believe that it's only her cooking that keeps Ray coming by.
"The Ride Along"
When Raymond goes on a citizen's ride along in his brother's patrol car and sees Robert risk his life during a hold-up, he gains a new respect for him. Spending a shift in the back of Robert's patrol car bores Ray at first and he wonders why he even bothered putting on a
bullet-proof vest. But his boredom quickly turns to terror during a chance visit to Nemo's restaurant that puts him in the middle of a hold-up. When Robert saves the day by throwing a hot pizza in the burglar's face, Raymond sees for the very first time how courageous his
brother really is. Unfortunately, Raymond's attempt to put Robert in the spotlight backfires and he is forced to try his best to tell his older brother how he feels.
"Good Girls" 
Debra discovers that her mother-in –law, Marie, likes Robert's girlfriend, Amy, better than she likes her because Amy is a "good girl." When Robert accidentally lets it slip to Marie that Amy is a virgin, Marie is thrilled to pieces. Jealous of the attention Amy is receiving
from Marie, Raymond minimizes Debra's premarital activities, leading his mother to believe that Debra was a "good girl" too. When the family discovers why Marie has this sudden "purity" fixation, Robert and Raymond are in for a big surprise.
"Traffic School" 
When Robert's traffic school students complain that his class causes severe insomnia, he practices on members of his family -- who turn out to be even tougher critics. Asserting that "driving is a privilege, not a right," Robert uses teaching methods that leave his students cold -- and bored. So in order to spice up his classes, he practices on his not so willing family. After a few minutes, he loses their attention too -- until he creates a ventriloquist dummy named Timmy that is anything but dull, and appears to have a few issues with the Barone family.
"The Garage Sale"
When Debra gives away all the "baby stuff" at a family garage sale, Ray gets upset that she doesn't want to have any more children. Ray is surprised to hear that Debra just assumed they were finished having children. As usual, their private business becomes a family matter, and Marie reminds Debra that, "You want to plant your seedlings before winter comes and everything freezes over." Eventually, their disagreement leads to a sentimental journey down the lane of messy memories past.
"The Invasion" 
When Ray's house is tented for termites, he moves his entire family into his parent's house and gives Frank and Marie a taste of their own medicine. Marie's initial excitement that "Raymond has come home!" quickly fades when the world's greatest home intruders start to
feel intruded upon. Sensing her in-laws' growing frustration with the disturbance of their daily routine, Debra decides to have a little fun at their expense and "help them" like they always claim to be "helping her" -- until she and Ray realize that once again, they just can't
win the game.