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Everybody Loves Raymond

Series Description

Everybody Loves Raymond is set apart by its smart, adult, family comedy, combining real-life situations; strong, well-defined characters; distinctive performances by expert comic actors and crisp, clever writing. The series follows the relationships between three close-knit generations who happen to live a little too close for comfort. When it comes to life with the Barones, the conversation gets as hot – and as rich – as the food.

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This Week's Episodes
Mon: Cruising With Marie
Just as Frank and Marie are about to embark on a high seas vacation, Frank hurts his knee and Ray, not wanting to disappoint his mother, agrees to accompany her on the Caribbean cruise. It’s endless hours of shuffleboard and bingo and an extremely cramped cabin for two that can barely fit one. Could things get any worse for Ray? Marie, meanwhile, is having the time of her life soaking every ounce of fun in the sun. And back home, Robert is just about out of patience as caretaker for the injured Frank.
Tue: Big Shots
Trying to impress Robert when they visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, Ray uses his “weight” as a sports writer for Newsday to jump to the front of the line to meet the members of the ’69 Miracle New York Mets. Members of the ’69 World Champion Mets appear as themselves.
Wed: The Getaway
Debra and Ray feel tremendous pressure to show each other a good time on a romantic weekend getaway in Vermont. From the moment they set foot in the quaint bed and breakfast, it’s apparent that Debra and Ray are trying a bit too hard for this to be a perfect weekend. Debra agrees to a tour of the Ben and Jerry ice cream factory while Ray suggests they check out a local antique fair. Meanwhile, Marie spies on Robert, who is left to babysit for the kids.
Thu: Working Girl
When Debra gets a part-time job in the big city, an unhappy Ray is left to fend for himself -- and Marie is left wondering what’s to become of the children, the house and her beloved son now that they will be neglected. However, Ray’s misguided attempt to be more supportive of Debra threatens to put an end to her career before it even starts.
Fri: Robert Moves Back
When Robert and Amy get caught alone by some of Robert’s fellow apartment tenants, they are desperate to find someplace, any place, where they can have some time to themselves. Ray comes to the rescue, at Debra’s urging, by allowing Robert to move into their basement for awhile. But, when caught again, by someone even more intimidating - - the couple is mortified.
Sat: Boob Job
Debra is upset when she sees Ray’s giddy reaction to her friend’s recently acquired “new and improved” breasts. Anxious to find out whether or not Ray is content with her body as is -- or if he would prefer it if she, too, made some minor enhancements to the upper region -- Debra decides to conduct a little experiment to determine just how truly satisfied Ray is with her current physique.
Sun: You Bet
When Frank starts showing a keen interest in Ray’s work, walking around in a jovial mood and not being his usual cheap self, everyone questions the radical change in behavior. Debra suggests that it may be because he’s getting older, and Marie is convinced he has a “chippy” on the side -- that is, until Ray uncovers the real reason behind Frank’s transformation.