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The Doctors

Series Description

THE DOCTORS is hosted engaging physicians who are among the best in their respective fields, including ER physician Dr. Travis Stork, plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andrew Ordon, OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, and family practitioner and sexologist, Dr. Rachael Ross.

This Week's Episodes
"Supermodel Molly Sims Reveals Personal Secrets! Has Your Identity Been Stolen and You Don't Know It? Addicted to Eating Chalk Update; Guilt-Free Tip When You're Craving Pasta"
Supermodel Molly Sims swings by to talk sex, beauty and reveals a personal story that left her shaken. Plus, con artists reveal secrets for stealing people's identities… what you need to know to keep your identity and bank account safe! Then, a guilt-free swap when you're craving noodles that's not zucchini or cauliflower…tune in to find out what it is!
"Sperm Donor Hides Criminal Past and Fathers Dozens of Children? Mother Refuses Treatment of Her Child's Cancer! Dangerous Trends That Can Harm Your Children?  Woman Permanently Disfigured after Getting Infection? Ways Your Smartphone Can Save You Big Money! A Career in Scouting Bachelor Parties?"
A sperm donor hides mental illness and fathers dozens of kids? Then, a mother chooses to forego treatment for her child; the reason is unbelievable!  And find out how to slurp away the pounds and reveal your soup-er summer body! And, how your smartphone can save you big money!
"‘Thigh Gap' Jewelry; A 6-Million-Dollar Birthday Party? Benefits of Sleeping Naked! ‘Hollywood Vampires' Revealed! Sisters Show Off Dramatic Surgical Results! Declutter Your Purse, or Else! Avoid That ‘Green Ring' Finger!"
It's "crazy" hot topics including "thigh gap" jewelry, a 6-million-dollar birthday for a 15-year-old, and why doctors are telling patients to sleep in the nude! Then, how do "Hollywood Vampires" like J-Lo, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams stay so young? We unveil their personal anti-aging secrets! Next, is your purse a hot mess? THE DOCTORS delivers 3 tips to declutter your purse today!
"Woman's Hair Dye Nightmare! Bra That Protects You from Predators? Parents Getting Graded on Report Cards? Health Secrets from Iceland Revealed!"
A woman walks into a salon to get her hair dyed and ends up in the hospital with a shocking allergic reaction! What caused her face to blow up so big that she couldn't breathe? Plus, THE DOCTORS travel to Iceland to uncover some of the world's best health secrets you never knew about!  Then, a woman invents a "booby trap bra" to keep off attackers!
"A Telegram with Your Breasts? New Procedure for Saggy Jowls! The Wonder Breast Lift! Real Housewives of OC: Heather Dubrow; Deadly Ingredients in Your Skincare? Getting Fit Ruins a Marriage; Wine Budget in Child Support Contract?" 
Real Housewife of Orange County Heather Dubrow is stopping by to discuss the latest hot headlines, including how one woman had a wine budget written into her child support contract! Plus, a new procedure for saggy jowls is done LIVE in studio and one woman has the "Wonder Breast Lift" with Dr. Ordon and we're revealing her new look!