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The Doctors

Series Description

THE DOCTORS is hosted by six engaging physicians who are among the best in their respective fields, including ER physician Dr. Travis Stork, plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andrew Ordon and pediatrician Dr. James Sears. Recurring co-hosts include OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman, and family practitioner and sexologist, Dr. Rachael Ross.

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This Week's Episodes
Mon: “Cosmetic Surgery to Avoid Ridicule? High-Tech Doll Crossing the Line? Cosmetic Injection Caused Major Deformity; Chasing Life Star Italia Ricci”
See an inspiring update from a former show guest who lost all four limbs to a severe infection she developed after receiving illegal butt injections. Plus, find out why one mom wants her 6-year-old daughter to undergo cosmetic surgery. And, learn all-natural solutions for your biggest body bothers!
Tue: “Shocking Headlines Revealed: Plastic Surgery to Qualify for Dating Site? Cell Phone Explosion Disfigures Man; Disturbing Assault Over Parking Spot; Sweets That Help You Lose Weight?”
Learn about a cutting-edge procedure that could help a young boy born with a rare paralyzing condition. Plus, hear from a woman who underwent plastic surgery after being rejected from an online dating site. And, nutritionist Keri Glassman shares satisfying treats to fill you up without widening your waistline!
Wed: “America’s Sexiest Vet; Luke Perry’s Fight to End Deadly Disease; Medication Mix-Up Causes Hallucinations? Unhealthy Beauty Hacks”
“Beverly Hills: 90210” star Luke Perry joins THE DOCTORS to raise awareness about a potentially deadly disease. Are you at risk? Plus, hear how a medication mix-up triggered a life-threatening reaction in one 12- year-old girl. And, DIY don’ts: Learn which unhealthy beauty hacks you shouldn’t try at home!
Thu: “Switched at Birth: Do I Have the Right Parents? Upskirt Photos Legalized? Minimally Invasive Fix for Back Pain; A Dying Mother’s Last Wish; Controversial Surveillance State Technology”
Switched at birth? THE DOCTORS helps two families finally get an answer after 25 years of uncertainty. Then, hear the heartfelt message from a terminally ill mother to her infant son, and learn how you can help support her family. Plus, see a minimally invasive procedure to eliminate chronic back pain. Is it right for you?
Fri: “Drs Exclusive: Woman Shot at Star-Studded Party; Are Your Prescription Pills Counterfeit? Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster?”
A nightclub shooting victim recounts her harrowing experience. See how she survived by an incredibly narrow margin. Then, frequent choking and labored breathing: Learn about a rare disorder affecting one baby’s ability to swallow. Plus, could your prescription drugs be counterfeit? Get important tips to avoid a medical mishap!