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The Doctors

Series Description

THE DOCTORS is a one-hour, daytime talk show delivering up-to-the-minute information from a panel practicing medical professionals in a compelling and entertaining format five days a week.

This Week's Episodes
Mon: “Mother Becomes Human Speed Bump; Sagging Skin Makeover; Baby Weighs as Much as a 6-Year-Old; Skin Care Tips You Never Knew”
Meet a mom who threw herself under of a rolling car to save her twin toddlers! Then, see how a 3-year-old girl’s selfless gift to support pediatric cancer patients sparked an inspirational chain reaction. Plus, are you in the dark about sun protection? Learn the new guidelines for safeguarding your skin.
Tue: “Health Secrets Your Doctor May NOT Be Telling You!”
Don’t fall victim to a medical mistake! From unnecessary treatments to medical procedures that may pose more risks than benefits, get must-know information that could potentially save your life. Plus, three tips to best communicate with your doctor, and more.
Wed: “Exploding Drug Danger; Eye-Popping Beauty Trend; Family with 30 Pet Snakes; ‘Baby Selfies’ App; Treating Hormonal Imbalances; Foods that Fight Headaches; Painless “Pooch” Eraser; Skin Infection from Handling Raw Fish?”
Explosive marijuana? THE DOCTORS reveals the dangers of “dabbing.” Plus, get all-natural remedies to alleviate headaches. And, see a cutting-edge device that melts fat from your midsection … without touching your body!
Thu: “Ice Cream Cleanse? Lies and Betrayals: Family in Crisis; Ear Piercing Gone Wrong; Surviving a Killer Bee Attack; Hot Home Health Gadgets”  
Lose weight eating ice cream? Get the skinny on a sweet diet trend! Then, a severe reaction to a routine ear piercing: See one woman’s struggle with excess scar tissue — and the cutting-edge procedure to remove it. Plus, renowned pastor Miles McPherson helps a couple struggling to save their strained marriage. Could his motivational message help strengthen your relationship? And, when bees attack: Learn essential tips for surviving a killer swarm!
Fri: “THE DOCTORS’ 1000th Episode! Viewers Share Stories of How Watching the Show Saved Their Lives!”
One thousand episodes of life-saving information: See how THE DOCTORS has helped viewers like you! Then, Carmen Tarleton — the inspirational guest who underwent a full-face transplant after a devastating domestic assault — returns to THE DOCTORS’ stage. Hear how her life has changed since appearing on the show. Plus, take a look back at some of the most memorable moments from the past six seasons. And, get a glimpse behind the scenes and meet the people who help bring THE DOCTORS into your home!