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The Doctors

Series Description

THE DOCTORS is hosted by engaging physicians who are among the best in their respective fields, including ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andrew Ordon.

This Week's Episodes
"Scorned Wife Gets Tinder Revenge; Math Teacher's Snapchat Affair with Student; I Have ‘Slipping Rib'; Sleepwalking Mom Worries She'll Harm Her Baby; ‘Magic' Mushrooms for Cancer Patients; STD's at All-Time High; Can Asian Pears Prevent Hangovers; A Cool Tip for Cuter Eyes"
A scorned wife gets her revenge when she finds her husband on Tinder … did she cross the line? A math teacher takes Snapchats too far with a student and ends up in jail. A teenager's mystery pain reveals a startling diagnosis – "slipping rib"! Follow her into the operating room for a candid, up-close look at her medical journey and see the celebrity surprise that brings her to tears! Plus, could psychedelic mushrooms be a new cancer treatment? STDs are at an all-time high; find out the warning signs and how to protect yourself!  Meet a mom who fears her sleep walking may harm her baby. Can THE DOCTORS help?
"Mom Uses Breastmilk as Weapon; DMV Denies ‘Deadbeat' Parents; Life as a Mermaid; Happy Hour for Alcoholics; Youngest Yoga Teacher; Put It to the Test: 2 Minute Lip Plump; Hair Hacks to Save Time and Money"
A mom uses her breastmilk as a weapon … is it assault? One state adopts a rule to deny "deadbeat" parents from renewing their car registration if behind on child support. But is it doing more harm than good? Go inside the secret society of mermaids! Then, an alternative approach to treating alcohol addiction is making waves … it's a happy hour! Meet America's youngest yoga teacher! Plus, a two-minute lip plumper is put to the test! And, hair hacks to save you time and money!
"THE DOCTORS Most Viral Show Ever; M.D. Turns M.C.; Diagnosis: Fat; Tami Roman's Bonnet Chronicles; THE DOCTORS Exclusive: Reality Star's Fertility Struggle; Ask Our Doctors: Social Media; Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry's Health Scare; The Real Story Behind Hilarious Viral Dog Video; Hollywood Hope or Hype: Detox Teas; How a Penny Can Help You Lose Weight"
THE DOCTORS go viral as they discuss the latest health trends blowing up your social media feed and introduce you to the biggest stars on the web! Meet ZDoggMD, the M.D. turned M.C. who's rapping for better health! TV Personality and Instagram star Tami Roman talks plastic surgery and opens up to THE DOCTORS exclusively about her fertility struggle! Hollywood Medium's Tyler Henry reveals his health scare. Then, find out if those detox teas all over your Instagram feed are Hollywood Hope or Hype!
"Diet-Food Industry Insider Spills Secrets; 11-Year-Old Bullied for Weighing almost 300 Pounds; Kennedy Family Member Opens Up about Addiction; Star's Strong Arm Secrets; Small Therapy Dog Doing Big Things"
Diet-food fraud exposed? Three ways your food label could be lying to you from a former health food hustler! Then, is there help for an 11-year-old who weighs almost 300 pounds? A member of the Kennedy family opens up about addiction! Plus, a small therapy dog doing big things!
"Dumpster Diving for Beauty; Exercise Tracker for Your ‘Lady Parts'; Parenting Trend - Hypnosis; 20-Year-Old Stroke Survivor; Giant Rat Invasion; Weight Loss Makeover Complete; Woman Saves Neighbor's Life; Double Duty Meals" 
Would you jump in a dumpster for high-end beauty products? Some beauty vloggers are taking the plunge! An exercise tracker for "down there" claims to help with bladder control and improve sex life. But, what's the real deal? Parents are turning to hypnotizing their children for better behavior, but could they be doing more harm than good? And a 20-year-old stroke survivor shares the warning signs you haven't heard! Could there be a giant rat invasion in your neighborhood? Then, one woman saves her neighbor's life in a very courageous way!  Plus, how to transform last night's dinner into breakfast!