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The Doctors

Series Description

THE DOCTORS is hosted engaging physicians who are among the best in their respective fields, including ER physician Dr. Travis Stork, plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andrew Ordon, OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, and family practitioner and sexologist, Dr. Rachael Ross.

This Week's Episodes
“THE DOCTORS Investigates: Gluten–Free Restaurant Dishes; THE DOCTORS Investigates: Kambo – What Is It and Can It Treat Depression; I Lost My Legs to Heroin: Update; Do Antioxidants Fuel Cancer; Secret to Picture-Perfect Skin; Simple Trick to Eat Less Junk Food”
THE DOCTORS investigates gluten-free restaurant foods and the shocking results may make you rethink your next order! THE DOCTORS investigates if the poison of an Amazonian frog can fight depression! A cancer patient’s pain leads to a heroin addiction and the loss of his legs. Now he’s back with a powerful update and THE DOCTORS has a huge surprise! Can antioxidants fuel cancer growth? How to score picture-perfect glowing skin! Plus, an easy trick to eat less junk food!
“LIVE Procedure of New ‘Natural’ Filler; My House is a Beehive; THE DOCTORS Exclusive: Toddler’s Rare Disease Turns Her into ‘Hulk’ Baby; 260-Week Pregnancy; Homeless-Inspired Fashion; Put It to the Test: Climate Control Bedding; Burn Survivor Embraces Scars; Kids at High Risk for Kitchen Burns; Cleaning Mistakes That Can Make You Sick!”
A new “natural” filler is revealed LIVE on the show! A woman discovers her home has become a beehive and turns to THE DOCTORS for help! Would you choose to stay pregnant for 5 years to avoid maternity leave? THE DOCTORS tackles paid maternity leave. In a THE DOCTORS exclusive, a mom raises awareness about the rare disease turning her daughter into a “hulk baby” … and THE DOCTORS surprises her in ways she never saw coming! Climate control bedding is put to the test! And, are your kids at risk for kitchen burns? Are you making cleaning mistakes that could make you sick? Get the facts!
“Mom Uses Breastmilk as Weapon; DMV Denies ‘Deadbeat’ Parents; Life as a Mermaid; Happy Hour for Alcoholics; Youngest Yoga Teacher; Put It to the Test: 2 Minute Lip Plump; Hair Hacks to Save Time and Money”
A mom uses her breastmilk as a weapon … is it assault? One state adopts a rule to deny “deadbeat” parents from renewing their car registration if behind on child support. But, is it doing more harm than good? Go inside the secret society of mermaids! Then, an alternative approach to treating alcohol addiction is making waves … it’s a happy hour! Meet America’s youngest yoga teacher! Plus, a two-minute lip plumper is put to the test! And, hair hacks to save you time and money!
“Preparing for the End of the World; Protect Yourself Against Unnecessary and Harmful Medical Procedures; The Transformation of a Traumatized Vet; Non-Surgical Fix for ‘Muffin Top’; Are You Sabotaging Your Dating Life; After-Dinner Weight Loss Trick”
Take an inside look at doomsday preppers! Find out how to protect yourself from unnecessary and potentially harmful medical procedures! THE DOCTORS completely transforms a female veteran’s life! The breakthrough PTSD procedure you have to see to believe! Two different procedures promise to melt that muffin top … which is better? Identical twins put them to the test! Plus, the surprising accessory that could keep you from scoring a second date! And, the after-dinner habit to help you shed pounds! 
“Friday Newsfeed! Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer; Cutting-Edge Breast Scan; Playground Hazards; Finding a Therapist Is like Dating; Stuff My Mom Forwards Me” 
THE DOCTORS’ Friday Newsfeed! Could a new, cutting-edge scan detect breast cancer with greater accuracy and less pain than a mammogram? Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer shares the surprising warning signs your favorite restaurant isn’t up to par. THE DOCTORS reveals playground hazards you haven’t heard! And, finding a therapist is like dating … how to find the perfect match! Could pineapple juice fix that nagging cough? THE DOCTORS sets the record straight in “Stuff My Mom Forwards Me”!