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The Doctors

Series Description

THE DOCTORS is hosted engaging physicians who are among the best in their respective fields, including ER physician Dr. Travis Stork, plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andrew Ordon, OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, and family practitioner and sexologist, Dr. Rachael Ross.

This Week's Episodes
"Put to the Test! Kill Back Pain in 30 Minutes? Best Sweat of your Life? Sunscreen Showdown! Smooth Skin Secret? Grow Eyebrows with your Blood? Facelift in an Hour? Cheat a Perfect Glow! Baking Secret Saves 670 Calories?"
Can a drugstore device stop back pain in 30 minutes? Can you grow fuller brows with your own blood? Can a new non-surgical facelift take 10 years off your face in an hour? Real women put it to the test! See the results! Then, a sunscreen showdown! Find out which type works best! Plus, a new workout in a hot box?
"Procedure Slims Jawline? Put it to the Test: Electric Shock Workout? Umbilical Cord Art; Sauna Face Masks; Filler for Aging Genitals; Mom's Career Comeback"
Could you slim your face with just a needle? You won't believe one woman's results! THE DOCTORS tests a 20-minute workout that shocks your muscles! Then, the wild trends everyone's buzzing about: umbilical cord art, sauna face masks, and filler in aging genitals! Plus, tips to balance life as a working mom!
"Star Jamie-Lynn Sigler Reveals New Details about Life with MS! Exclusive: World's Most Advanced Amputee and Prosthetic! Teen Girls' Plastic Surgery ‘Down There'? Suing Mom and Dad for Embarrassing Childhood Pics? What's Dirtier than a Toilet Seat in Your Home? Fall Comfort Foods without Dairy, Gluten or Sugar! Light Therapy for Low Libido?"
Jamie-Lynn Sigler opens up her life with MS like never before! Then, in a THE DOCTORS exclusive, a woman becomes the first amputee to move and feel a prosthetic with just her thoughts! Why are teen girls having plastic surgery "down there"? What's dirtier than your toilet seat in your home? Find out! Plus, author and cook Danielle Walker has the secret ingredients to guilt- and allergen-free comfort foods!
"Comedian Bill Engvall Faces His Fear of Snakes! Spray Makes Men Last Longer in Bed? No Excuses Health Intervention with Noah Galloway! Woman Sues Sperm Bank for Giving her Son Autism? Make-Ahead Meals for Your Morning Rush! Add This Food to Cut 100 Calories!"
Comedian Bill Engvall cracks up THE DOCTORS, but is he able to crack his lifelong fear of snakes? A new spray claims to help men last longer in bed … does it work? A former model, now pre-diabetic gets a house call from reality star and war hero Noah Galloway! Plus, a mom's lawsuit against a sperm bank - is it to blame for her son's autism? Then, add this food to your plate to subtract calories tonight!
"Exclusive: Cancer Teen's Princess Pics Go Viral! 80's Sitcom Star Drops By! Shocking Viral Videos! Marijuana Brownie 911? Dr. Ordon's Prostate Procedure; Secret For Better Smelling Bathroom?" 
In a THE DOCTORS exclusive, the inspirational story of a Texas teen battling cancer and the "princess photoshoot" that went viral! Plus, "Mama" from the 1980's hit sitcom Mama's Family is back to dish motherly advice to celebs in the news! And, the latest shocking viral health videos and a 911 call about a dad who stumbled into his kids' marijuana brownies you have to hear to believe!