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The Doctors

Series Description

THE DOCTORS is hosted by engaging physicians who are among the best in their respective fields, including ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andrew Ordon.

This Week's Episodes
"Nursing Home Snapchats Senior Sex; Substitute Teacher Drunk on the Job; The Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony; Family Searches for Answers in Cold Case; Online Program to Reverse Diabetes; THE DOCTORS' Family Is Rocked by a Devastating Diagnosis; Boy and Dog Share the Same Medical Condition"
A nursing home employee secretly records seniors having sex? How can you protect your loved ones? A substitute teacher's wheeled out of class intoxicated after bringing a box of wine to class! A lawyer uses his psychic skills to help police solve cold cases. Can the Psychic Lawyer Mark Anthony give a family whose daughter was brutally murdered two years ago some answers? A new online program claims reverse Type 2 Diabetes! Find out how you could ditch your glucose monitor and meds for good! Then, THE DOCTORS' family is rocked by a devastating diagnosis and rallies for one of their crew!
"A Bearded Woman's Incredible Makeover; Put to the Test: Spinach Pancakes; Miraculous Stroke Recovery; Urinary Incontinence Procedure Put to the Test … with a Comedy Show; How to Find the Perfect Nude Lipstick; Should Opiate Dealers Face Manslaughter Charges for Overdoses; Secret Guacamole Ingredient Cuts Calories"
A woman with PCOS who was ridiculed for her "beard" has the last laugh with an incredible makeover!  Then, it's Dr. Mike Dow as you've never seen him, opening up about the stroke that nearly took his brother's life and the remarkable recovery that will leave you in tears!  A woman undergoes a urinary incontinence procedure that claims to eliminate embarrassing accidents and we put it to the test at a comedy show! The results are no joke! Should opiate dealers face manslaughter charges if their customer overdoses? The secret to finding the perfect nude lipstick may be found on your breast? Find out the surprising ingredient to add to your guacamole to save calories and cash!
"Maria Shriver; My Daughter Needs a $500,000 Surgery to Walk; Revenge Body Results Revealed; Dramatic Kidnapping Escape; Parents Outraged by Graphic School Survey; Parents Outraged over Sex Survey Given to Kids; Little Blue Pill's Bonus Benefits; Surprising Reason for Tooth Pain"
A mother's fight to fund the extensive and expensive surgery her daughter needs to walk. Can THE DOCTORS help?  Maria Shriver opens up about her famous family and her quest to raise awareness for Alzheimer's disease in a very personal interview. Plus, a dramatic kidnapping escape caught on camera! Could the little blue pill have some bonus benefits beyond the bedroom? We have the scoop! Celebrity trainer Lacey Stone is back to reveal the results of her 8-week challenge. Did these real women score their revenge bodies? Do you have tooth pain? There's a surprising cause you may be missing!
"THE DOCTORS Exclusive: Comedian and Actor ANT's Secret Addictions; Interactive, ‘Touchable' Sex Ed; Children's Book or Clown Porn; Doctor Who Feels Your Pain … Literally; Workout without Spending a Dollar"
In a THE DOCTORS exclusive, comedian, actor and TV host ANT reveals the addictions he's kept hidden for years! From the heroin and meth habit that jeopardized his career to a new life-threatening addiction, hear why he desperately needs THE DOCTORS' help! Then, a new sexual education website that is so real, the videos are "touchable"? Is it high-tech teaching or just too much? A children's book is causing quite a stir among parents and educators … is it a fun way to explain where babies come from or basically clown porn? Meet the doctor who actually feels his patients' pain due to a medical condition! And, no more excuses … we've got a way to work out without spending a dollar! 
"THE DOCTORS Investigate: Shady Supplements; Exclusive: Birth Behind Bars; I Survived a Plastic Surgery Nightmare; Hollywood's Hot Body Secret; Face Cupping for Youthful Skin; What to Skip to Keep Champagne Bubbly" 
THE DOCTORS investigates the supplement industry! The eye-opening findings that may have you rethink your daily supplement regimen! Take an exclusive look into the lives of women who give birth behind bars. A plastic surgery nightmare sends a woman to THE DOCTORS to help; is there a fix?  See the workout rumored to be the secret to Hollywood's hottest bodies. Face-cupping for more youthful skin? A hack to keep your champagne bubbly!