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The Doctors

Series Description

THE DOCTORS is hosted by six engaging physicians who are among the best in their respective fields, including ER physician Dr. Travis Stork, plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andrew Ordon and pediatrician Dr. James Sears. Recurring co-hosts include OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman, and family practitioner and sexologist, Dr. Rachael Ross.

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This Week's Episodes
Mon: "Breakthrough Fat-Bursting Procedure; 500 Pounds & Desperate for Help; Inside the Exam Room with Surprise Celebrity; Illicit Drugs Safety Manual Controversy"
Shrink your waistline with sound waves? THE DOCTORS puts a new fat-bursting treatment to the test! Then, get an update on a past guest with a life-threatening food addiction who relapsed shortly after leaving rehab. Plus, learn about a controversial, no-holds-barred booklet on drug awareness for teens.
Tue: "Compulsive Behaviors Triggered by Medication? Reality Star Reveals Secret Health Struggle; Surprising Dangers of Prescription Drugs; Lou Ferrigno Receives Cutting-Edge Treatment; Extreme Smile Makeover"
Witness the life-changing smile makeover of a young woman born with a rare condition that caused her to lose almost all of her teeth. Plus, iconic actor Lou Ferrigno undergoes a cutting-edge treatment for chronic foot pain. And, learn how the season in which you were born could determine your personality!
Wed: "Family Targeted By Dangerous Stalker; Real-Life ‘Sleeping Beauty'; Speed ‘Friending' for Moms? Trick for Halting Hiccups"
A couple whose teen daughter was targeted by an online predator shares their alarming, cautionary story. Then, learn about a mysterious sleep disorder that caused one girl to spend 8 months in a semi-conscious state. Plus, preventive health care for pets: Get tips for prolonging the lives of your four-legged friends.
Thu: “Drs Exclusive: Family Devastated By SWAT Raid Gone Wrong; Leading Cause of Deadly Allergies in America; Fight PMS with Food”
THE DOCTORS and special guest Dr. Phil McGraw sit down with a couple whose baby was severely injured by a flash grenade during a SWAT raid gone wrong. Then, learn the unexpected leading cause of deadly allergies in the U.S. Plus, fight PMS with food! Get dietary tips for managing “that time of the month.”
Fri: "Friday News Feed; Drs Health Scare Experiment; Celebrity Photographer Exposes Retouching Secrets; Solutions to Funky Feet; Surprising Everyday Habit to Improve Memory"
THE DOCTORS discusses breaking health headlines in the Friday News Feed. Then, an eye-opening Health Scare Experiment: A heavy smoker with high blood pressure and severe sleep apnea gets a serious wake-up call. Plus, three solutions to manage psoriasis, tips for preventing fungal infections, and more!