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The Doctors

Series Description

THE DOCTORS is hosted engaging physicians who are among the best in their respective fields, including ER physician Dr. Travis Stork, plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andrew Ordon, OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, and family practitioner and sexologist, Dr. Rachael Ross.

This Week's Episodes
"The Reality of Recovery with a Bulimic and Cocaine Addict, Fitness Star with ‘Heart in a Backpack' Gets Life Changing Gift! Cellphone Trick to Relieve Stress in Seconds?"
A young woman who struggled with an eating disorder and cocaine addiction returns to THE DOCTORS to reveal what her life's been since rehab. Has she kicked her addictions for good? Her raw, intimate interview exposes the reality of a recovery. Then, the fitness model who relied on an artificial heart in a backpack has an incredible update! Plus, a simple tip to boost your mood that won't cost you a penny!
"Exclusive: Lamar Odom's Road to Recovery"
In a THE DOCTORS exclusive, 2-time NBA Champion and reality star Lamar Odom confronts his addictions. What drove him to a near-fatal overdose? Has he relapsed? Why is he reaching out for help? See Lamar's candid conversation with Dr. Travis before entering treatment and his final hours in rehab. What did he learn? How is he different? Was one month enough time to heal? Lamar Odom joins THE DOCTORS in studio to set the record straight! Plus, the bombshell announcement nobody saw coming!
"Exclusive: Cosmetic Injections Disfigured My Face; Boob Job Goes South; San Bernardino Shooting Victims Speak Out; Cesar Millan; Facial Masks Put to the Test; THE DOCTORS Investigates: Drug Test Accuracy; App Sniffs Out Spoiled Food; Caffeine-Free Energy Boost"
In a THE DOCTORS exclusive, meet the woman whose face was destroyed by botched injections. Then, see how a "quick and easy" breast augmentation went south after the implants slid to the patient's waist! The victims of the San Bernardino terror attack speak out one year later to reveal the new challenges they're facing! Cesar Milan and his son Andre stop by with the dog training tips you don't want to miss! Plus, THE DOCTORS investigates how drug tests can go horribly wrong and the results will shock you!
"Chris and Heidi Powell's Weight Loss Secrets for 2017; Jennifer Esposito's Celiac Disease Battle; Could You Have a Vitamin Deficiency; Woman's Shocking Nachos Arrest; Surgeon Saves Man's Life with Huge Facial Tumor; THE DOCTORS Takes the Viral Apple Challenge"
Have you decided 2017 is the year to finally lose the weight? Extreme Makeover stars Chris and Heidi Powell stop by the show to give you the top tips on how to finally make it happen! Plus, NCIS star Jennifer Esposito joins the show to discuss her struggle with celiac disease! Then, could a vitamin deficiency be making you sick! And, it's one of the most shocking arrests we've heard lately – and it involves nachos! 
"THE DOCTORS Exclusive: Brutal Ballpark Assault Victim Bryan Stow; Mom Takes on Talent Agency for Rejecting Her Special Needs Son; Look Younger with Fat from Dead People; Junk Food Fashion; Fly or Bye with Carson Kressley; Could Calcium Cause Heart Attacks; $5 to Tone Your Whole Body" 
A man brutally beaten at a baseball game by rival fans speaks out after months in a coma and years of therapy! In a THE DOCTORS exclusive, hear how Bryan Stowe is today and his new life mission! A mom fights back against the talent agent that rejected her son because of his special needs! A new beauty treatment uses fat from dead people to rejuvenate skin. TV personality and fashionista Carson Kressley stops by to talk trends! The $5 item to tone your entire body!