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The Doctors

Series Description

THE DOCTORS is hosted engaging physicians who are among the best in their respective fields, including ER physician Dr. Travis Stork, plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andrew Ordon, OB/GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, and family practitioner and sexologist, Dr. Rachael Ross.

This Week's Episodes
"600 Pound Health Intervention! Is Your Boss a Psychopath? Food Allergy Bullies? Wrongful Death Suit against Jim Carrey! Hollywood Health or Hype: Chlorophyll Water; Surprising Danger to Your Baby; Healthy Habit or Breakout Blunder?"
THE DOCTORS assembles a medical dream team to save a 600+ pound man! But first, there's a new type of school bully with a serious health threat! THE DOCTORS takes a closer look at the wrongful death suit filed against Jim Carrey and reveals a major flaw in healthcare! Then, the hot trend in Hollywood —chlorophyll water— is it an A-List health secret or hype? And, a surprising risk to your baby and what to look for!
"Real Housewife Heather Dubrow Co-Hosts! Bracelet to Get Pregnant? Put It to the Test: 2 Minute Wrinkle Fix; No Surgery Breast Lift? Spray-on Nail Polish? Omelet on a Stick? Brush Teeth with Gold?"
Real Housewife Heather Dubrow co-hosts a special "Put It to the Test" episode of THE DOCTORS! Could a new bracelet up your baby making odds? Find out! We're trying a new 2 minute wrinkle fix with LIVE results that are unbelievable! A woman undergoes a no-surgery breast lift. Did it work? Next, a manicure in seconds? We're putting spray-on nail polish to the test!
"THE DOCTORS Exclusive: Autistic Teen Jailed for Terrorism? U.S. Water Contamination? Olivia Newton-John! Surgical Tool Found Down There! Shailene Woodley Wants What? Olivia Wilde: Pregnancy Shamed?"
In a THE DOCTORS exclusive, a father speaks out about the terrorism accusation filed against his son with autism and a low IQ.  Is he still in jail? Erin Brockovich reveals America's latest water crisis! Are you at risk? Then Olivia Newton John talks breast cancer, her career and her brand new music! Plus, a surgical tool left inside a California woman. How could this happen?
"Sponge Tampons? ‘Think' Yourself Thin; Burn Survivor Celebrates Pregnancy; Instant Fix for Hair Roots? Drunk Driver Left Me Scarred for Life; Canned Pumpkin Conspiracy?"
A woman turns to THE DOCTORS after she's left scarred by a drunk driver. A burn survivor celebrates her miracle pregnancy! From a size 18 to 8 by thinking herself thin … one woman says it's possible! Then, are sea sponges nature's alternative to tampons and are they safe? An instant fix for your roots between color treatments is put to the test! Tips to stop superbugs! 
"Fran Drescher's Secrets to Smooth Skin at 59! Strapless Underwear? Botched Mastectomy … Fixed! Honey Used in Hospitals? How to Spot a Liar! Save the Planet with Pasta?" 
It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and survivor Michelle, who came to THE DOCTORS disfigured from a botched mastectomy, returns with a beautiful update! Comedian, actress and author Fran Drescher shares her secrets to looking good at 59 and staying healthy after cancer! Would you wear strapless panties? Do you know how to spot liar? Can pasta save the planet? Tune in to find out!