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The Doctors

Series Description

THE DOCTORS is a one-hour, daytime talk show delivering up-to-the-minute information from a panel practicing medical professionals in a compelling and entertaining format five days a week.

This Week's Episodes
Mon: “Robin McGraw Revelation; Real-Life Rapunzel; Extreme “Selfie” Addictions; Shocking Food Investigation; Troy Dunn on Building Your Best Family”
Robin McGraw introduces her new Revelation skin care line — an easy-to-follow, three-step regimen for creating a radiant, younger-looking complexion. Plus, motivational speaker and father of eight Troy Dunn shares strategies for breaking down relationship roadblocks to build happier — and healthier — family dynamics.
Tue: “Fake Online Gynecologist Busted; Ultimate Vending Machine Meltdown; Living with Extreme Facial Pain; Tattoo Triggers Mysterious Skin Condition? Dr. Travis’ Mystery Box Challenge; Secrets for Spending Less on Health Care”
A teenage girl shares her struggle of living with a nerve disorder so excruciating that it’s been called the “suicide disease.” Then, a past guest who received new prosthetic legs shares how he’s paying it forward by helping children meet their medical needs. Plus, learn three secrets for saving money on health care!
Wed: “Linda Blair’s Health Scare; Bullied Teen Turns to Plastic Surgery; Gastric Balloon Pill; Off-Hour Hospital Dangers; Dogs in the O.R.; Surprising Warning Signs of Diabetes”
Plastic surgery to stop bullying? THE DOCTORS weighs in on a 15-year-old girl’s controversial decision. Then, actress Linda Blair raises awareness about the potentially deadly danger of hernias. Plus, dogs in the operating room? Learn how one girl’s four-legged friend assisted doctors during her surgery!
Thu: “Extreme Weight Loss Makeovers; Treating Embarrassing Health Conditions; Celebrity Health Scares: Could They Happen to You?”
Incredible body transformations! Meet two guests who lost a combined 350 pounds, and hear what motivated them to get fit and healthy. Plus, Ask Dr. Rachael: Get tips for diagnosing mysterious bumps below the belt. And, THE DOCTORS shares what you can learn from recent celebrity health scares.
Fri: “Extremely Odd Cravings; Skin Feels Like Glass; Sudden Loss of Taste and Smell; Surprising Reasons for Your Digestive Disorders; Male Breast Cancer”
One man shares his story of battling — and beating — breast cancer. Then, painful prickling and incessant itching: THE DOCTORS helps a viewer solve her mysterious skin problem. Plus, an appetite for dirt? Find out what bizarre cravings could reveal about your health.