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The Doctors

Series Description

THE DOCTORS is hosted by engaging physicians who are among the best in their respective fields, including ER physician Dr. Travis Stork and plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery expert Dr. Andrew Ordon.

This Week's Episodes
THE DOCTORS Investigate: Womb Raiders; Hepatitis A Outbreak! Anorexia is Ruining My Life! Rat Attack? Will Beyoncé Beauty Trend Get a Hack or Wack?
THE DOCTORS looks into the criminal trend of baby abductions from someone else’s womb. Dr. Judy Ho discusses the disturbing psychology behind the Womb Raiders! Hepatitis A outbreak and what you need to know! Young girl battling anorexia for 16 years comes to THE DOCTORS, but is she willing to get better?  Will THE DOCTORS give the new Beyoncé beauty trend a “Hack or Wack?"
The United States of Addiction: THE DOCTORS Investigate: Drug Addicted Healthcare Workers Infecting Innocent People with Deadly Diseases! I Lost my Legs to Heroin; Breakthrough Brain Therapy for Pain and Addiction? I Overcame My Addiction! Finding Hope when Things Feel Hopeless
THE DOCTORS highlights the other side of addiction: recovery. Witness the powerful life transformation of a man who lost his legs to heroin. Then, can a breakthrough brain treatment for pain and addiction offer hope to so many sufferers? Then, THE DOCTORS investigates drug addicted healthcare workers who put the patients they are treating at risk. Hear a harrowing story of a mother who contracted a deadly disease at the hands of a drug-addicted hospital worker. Plus, find out how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of a medical mistake at the hands of a drug-addicted provider. And, learn the key to harnessing hope when things feel hopeless.
United States of Addiction: TV Star Ant Battles His Deadly Addictions in a THE DOCTORS Exclusive!  Can You Calm Your Wild Child with a Mist? Viral Pregnancy Sex Warning; 7-Year-Old’s Sleep Crisis; Shot Stops High Heel Pain; Wardrobe Hacks
TV star Ant is back to reveal one of the most dramatic physical transformation ever seen! We test a spray mist that could chill out your wild child! Then, a viral pregnancy sex warning you must see! The sleep crisis plaguing children and what moms need to know! New treatment for high heel pain – does it work? Wardrobe hacks that can save you money!
What Is This, What Happened, and Could It Happen to Me? ‘Virtual’ Weight Loss Surgery; Teen Blood for Anti-Aging? A Freak Accident Left Me Scarred; Would You Cycle in a Sauna? Top Foods to Stockpile in Emergency!
Do you wear “shower shoes”? If you don’t … you could be at risk for a horrible problem! And, a spider bite gone terribly wrong. We have the warning signs everyone must know! Then, a woman lost 100 pounds by doing sleep hypnosis! Could it work for you? And, a new anti-aging treatment that uses teenage blood to turn back the clock! Could this procedure create a black market for teen blood? Next, a woman catches fire while tweezing her eyebrows! What you can do to avoid it happening to you! And, a new cycle workout in a sauna? We’re putting it to the test!  And, the top foods to stockpile in case of a natural disaster. (Original airdate: 10/11/17)
THE DOCTORS Investigate: Dangerous DIY Treatment for Autism; Bizarre Way to Get Buff? Food That Cuts Cravings and Improves Gut Health!
THE DOCTORS investigates a dangerous treatment parents are giving their children to “cure” autism. New workout technique could help you build muscle in record time! The one food to help curb appetite and improve gut health! (Original airdate: 9/18/17)