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The Test

Series Description

Hosted by performer Kirk Fox, THE TEST is a compelling one hour conflict resolution talk show featuring compelling guests and their interpersonal conflicts, with the goal of settling relationship and paternity disputes though the use of various tests (DNA, polygraph, etc.)

This Week's Episodes
Mon: “The Test: ‘Are You Drugging Me to Have An Affair?’”
Joetta says she received an anonymous e-mail warning her that her boyfriend, Anthony, was cheating, and soon after was shocked to learn that his other women included her cousin! Now, Joetta says the word on the street is that Anthony has been drugging her so he can sneak out at night! Anthony admits to cheating on Joetta but denies drugging her. Did he cheat with more than one woman? And, will a medical exam reveal Joetta has been drugged? Don’t miss the shocking results! And, a man says that the week he was out of town, his girlfriend got pregnant. Is the baby his? He turns to The Test to put his DNA suspicions to rest. (Original airdate: 12/4/13)
Tue: “The Test: Daughter’s Deception or Mother’s Resentment?”
Seventeen-year-old Sabrina says that her relationship with her mother, Tammy, was ruined three years ago after Tammy hit her with a belt buckle, landing Tammy in jail for two years. Now reunited, Sabrina says she and Tammy are back at odds, with Tammy calling Sabrina a thief! Tammy says money has been disappearing and Sabrina is the most likely culprit. What will The Test results reveal? And, a woman pleads with her son to get off of drugs. Will he
take the help The Test offers? (Original airdate: 5/5/14)
“The Test: ‘You’re Twice My Age … Take Care of Our Baby’”
Myshala admits that she cheated on her ex-boyfriend, Chris – but says it was only one time, and she’s ready to prove it to get him back. Chris suspects that Myshala was unfaithful throughout their one-year relationship and says he can’t devote himself to being a father to their 1-year-old daughter until he knows the truth. Myshala is put to The Test! (Original airdate: 5/19/14)
“The Test: ‘You’ll Lose Your Family if You Cheated!’”
Brooke claims that her estranged husband, Dustin, is a habitual liar and wants to put him to The Test to see if he has been cheating! Dustin admits that he has a problem with “story telling” but says he isn’t sleeping with other women. What will the lie detector Test say? Plus, a mother says she believes her daughter is abusing bath salts and if The Test comes back positive – she’s kicking her out! (Original airdate: 5/21/14)
“The Test: ‘Did You Burn My House Down?’”
Tempers flare when a woman’s ex-boyfriend is accused of burning down her sister’s house and later bailing on their baby, instead of being a father. She wants to put him in the hot seat to find out if he was behind the fire. He wants a DNA Test to prove the baby isn’t his! The heat is on when he’s put to The Test! (Original airdate: 9/9/13)