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The Test

Series Description

Hosted by performer Kirk Fox, THE TEST is a compelling one hour conflict resolution talk show featuring compelling guests and their interpersonal conflicts, with the goal of settling relationship and paternity disputes though the use of various tests (DNA, polygraph, etc.)

This Week's Episodes
Mon: “The Test: ‘My Wife’s Baby Looks Like Her Ex’”
James claims he is not the father of his ex-wife, Sheryll’s, 2-year-old daughter because he says she was unfaithful throughout their two-year marriage. Sheryll says she didn’t cheat on James – and he is the father and needs to step up. What will his DNA Test reveal? Then, a woman says her husband blames her for causing him to step outside their marriage. He swears it was a one-time deal – but she says their relationship is over if The Test proves he’s at it again!
Tue: “The Test: Player or Family Man?”
Krystal says she was so fed up with her boyfriend, Lavell’s, cheating that she packed up – and moved out! Lavell claims he’s been faithful for the three months they’ve been separated and wants Krystal to come back. The Test will tell if he’s being true! Plus, a man says despite his girlfriend’s assurance that she has always been faithful, he needs a DNA Test to confirm that his daughter is really his! Find out what the results reveal.
Wed: “The Test: ‘My Man is Taking Late Night Booty Walks’”
Bridgette says their love came fast – and so did his straying! Now living together after just two weeks of dating, she wants to know where Jay’s late-night walks are taking him. Is he stepping out on her? What will The Test reveal? And, Brittany says she slept with her co-worker, Josh, and wants to prove he’s the father of her 5-year-old daughter. Josh doubts he’s the daddy -- because he claims Brittany slept with “every man in their office.” Tune in to hear the results!
Thu: “The Test: ‘I Lied… We Need a DNA Test!’”
Tierra admits that two years ago, she was cheating on her then-boyfriend, Levi, when she became pregnant. Now, she says she needs a DNA Test to find out if Levi is the father of her son. Levi says he can’t believe Tierra kept this secret from him and will be devastated if he is not the father. Don’t miss what The Test reveals!  And, a woman wants to know if her fiancé got his ex-girlfriend pregnant – during their engagement!
Fri: “The Test: ‘We Work Together, and You’re Working All the Girls!’”
Kadahja says her boyfriend, Antwan, has a reputation for hooking up with many women in their small town, and now he disappears in the middle of the night – and she wants answers! Antwan claims that he is working extra shifts to take care of Kadahja and their daughter. What will The Test reveal? And, a mother confronts her 23-year-old daughter about her eating disorder. Will she admit she has a problem? And, will she take the help The Test offers?