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The Test

Series Description

Hosted by performer Kirk Fox, THE TEST is a compelling one hour conflict resolution talk show featuring compelling guests and their interpersonal conflicts, with the goal of settling relationship and paternity disputes though the use of various tests (DNA, polygraph, etc.)

This Week's Episodes
Mon: “The Test: ‘I Have to Spy Because You’re a Cheater’”
Erica says she is sure that her boyfriend, Terrell, is cheating with his co-worker, Shannon. Both Terrell and Shannon deny hooking up – and say Erica needs to back off! What will the lie detector Test reveal? Plus, a 28-year-old virgin wonders if her boyfriend has been having sex with another woman. He claims he hasn’t had ANY sex in the four years they’ve been together. Will he prove his loyalty with The Test? And, a woman says she and her boyfriend had a threesome – and now she thinks he’s been cheating with other women. Are her accusations true?
Tue: “The Test: ‘Is My Best Friend Lying or Is My Man Cheating?’”
Jonathan and Brian say they’ve been happy for most of their three-year relationship, except when Jonathan’s bestie, Nikki, meddles. Brian says he thinks Nikki is jealous of their relationship, and he claims she tells Jonathan lies in an effort to break them up. But Nikki says she’s witnessed Brian kissing and flirting with other men. Jonathan wants The Test to set the record straight! Will he be leaving with his bestie or his boyfriend? Plus, two concerned sisters claim their baby brother has been drinking too much, acting out of control – and even driving drunk! Will an intervention put the brakes on his behavior? (Original Airdate: 1/22/14)
Wed: “The Test: ‘We Work Together and You’re Working All the Girls!’”
Kadahja says her boyfriend, Antwan, has a reputation for hooking up with many women in their small town, and now he disappears in the middle of the night – and she wants answers! Antwan claims that he is working extra shifts to take care of Kadahja and their daughter. What will The Test reveal? And, a mother confronts her 23-year-old daughter about her eating disorder. Will she admit she has a problem? And, will she take the help The Test offers?
Thu: “The Test: Sisters’ Fiery Feud”
Stephanie thinks that her sister, Brionna, stole a necklace – a gift from her father – after they got into a heated and violent fight. Brionna denies taking the necklace and refuses to make amends with her sister. The Test puts Brionna in the hot seat and tries to repair this sibling rivalry. Then, a mother suspects her teenage daughter is being too promiscuous after finding a YouTube video of her dancing provocatively – but her daughter says she was just dancing. Is her mother overreacting?
Fri: “The Best of The Test: DNA Disputes”
The Test takes a stroll down memory lane to revisit the most surprising DNA dramas of the season! Sit back and relax, because – you are not the father!