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The Test

Series Description

Hosted by performer Kirk Fox, THE TEST is a compelling one hour conflict resolution talk show featuring compelling guests and their interpersonal conflicts, with the goal of settling relationship and paternity disputes though the use of various tests (DNA, polygraph, etc.)

This Week's Episodes
Mon: “The Test: Party Mom or Prostitute?”
Marlon says his ex-girlfriend, Raushawn, neglects their four children because she is always out partying – and sleeping with men for money! Raushawn admits she likes to go out but she denies being a prostitute. You won’t believe where she says she gets her cash! Don’t miss her confession. And, a wife wants to prove to her husband that she has been faithful after he found a pair of men’s boxers – that weren’t his! Don’t miss what The Test reveals.
(Original airdate: 4/29/14)
Tue: “The Test: Two Babies Three Months Apart and They Are Both Yours”
Ashley says her baby’s daddy, Deron, is a two-timer and got her – and another woman – pregnant at the same time. Deron claims he didn’t father either child. Two DNA Tests tell the truth! And, hear what his current girlfriend has to say about the accusations! (Original airdate: 10/3/13)
Wed: “The Test: Louisville Lovers: Take 2 on The Test”
Former guests Michael and Deo are back for another Test! Michael says he’s given their relationship another shot, but he suspects Deo is cheating again! Deo says that she’s been faithful – but is she hiding something else? Don’t miss the shocking reveal! Plus, a grandmother is desperate to find out if her daughter is stealing from her grandson to fund her drug addiction. Will The Test get to the truth? And, The Test pays a visit to a past guest – has she stayed clean? Don’t miss the update! (Original airdate: 1/17/14)
Thu: “The Test: Baby Mama or Hotel Homewrecker?”
Bud says he caught his girlfriend, Marnita, cheating – and now he wants to know if he’s been raising another man’s baby. Marnita says that her daughter looks “just like Bud,” and wants a DNA Test to prove that he’s the father. Then, Jennifer claims that her mother, Theresa, knew that Jennifer and her siblings were being abused by Theresa’s ex-husband – but Theresa stayed with him anyway. Theresa insists she had no idea what was happening and says she would never put her children in harm’s way. Will a lie detector Test support her claims? (Original airdate: 5/13/14)
Fri: “The Test: Best Friends Got The Same Woman Pregnant Twice!”
Best friends Jeremy and Donovan say they were both sleeping with Brianna and now they want to know if either fathered one, or both, of her two children. Brianna says there is a possibility that neither man is her babies' daddy because she was sleeping with two other men, too! Don’t miss what The Test reveals. Plus, a woman says her boyfriend is cheating on her because of the color of her skin. Will The Test reveal his true colors? (Original airdate: 1/13/14)