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Dr. Phil

Series Description

DR. PHIL, the Emmy-nominated hit syndicated, daily one-hour talk show hosted by America's most popular psychologist and lifestyle strategist, Dr. Phil McGraw, is the leader in daytime talk. McGraw's success stems from his signature “get real” approach to helping his guests solve their problems, stripping through their emotional clutter, helping them to get down to the bare bones of their issues and giving them the challenge they need to move ahead.

This Week's Episodes
"Neighbor Feud Erupts with Constant Calls to the Police, False Allegations, Trumped Up Charges and Threats of Violence"  
Jana and Allen say their neighbors, Maritha, Melanie and Christopher, recently moved into the house directly behind them and have been the source of constant conflict. They say their neighbors have made false police reports, called DFS, threatened them and that their four dogs bark all hours of the night. But Maritha is pointing the finger right back at Jana and Allen, accusing them of making her life a "living hell." She says police have been called to her home 17 times since she moved in. Maritha says she has been falsely accused of punching another neighbor in the face, and her partner, Melanie, charged with sexual misconduct for mooning a neighbor, even though Melanie vehemently denies this allegation. Will these neighbors be able to call a truce?
"22 Days in a Coma, 5 Stints in Rehab, 2 DUIs, 1 Wedding and a Fed Up Wife!"
Megan claims her husband, Scott, is an "alcoholic mess," and says it's a miracle he's still alive – especially after a fall down a flight of stairs left him with a broken neck and in a coma for 22 days. Scott is adamant that he was not drunk when he fell and insists he's got his drinking under control. But Megan, his step-daughter, Kendall, and his daughter, Jordan, tell a different story. Jordan says she's even staged an intervention for her dad – during which she claims he was drinking. Is Scott ready to face the possibility that he may have a real problem?
"‘I Believe My Ex-Boyfriend Kidnapped Our Daughter and Kept Her for Five Years!'"  
Ashley claims her ex-boyfriend "kidnapped" their daughter five years ago after they moved away to Michigan, and that he stopped keeping in contact with her. Robert vehemently denies Ashley's allegations and says their 6-year-old daughter would still be in his care and living in his home with his girlfriend, Kim, if a woman named Mary had not intervened. Will Ashley ever be able to co-parent with Robert despite her kidnapping accusations?
"The Ultimate Enabler"
Brenda, her husband, Richard, and her ex-husband, David, say they have spent over $100,000 on rehab, legal fees and caring for 29-year-old Tyler, who has been using heroin for the past 10 years. Tyler has a baby daughter with his ex-girlfriend Samantha, who recently kicked him out – saying until he can get clean, he has no place in their daughter's life. Everyone says Tyler can manipulate and charm his way out of every bad situation – but has he met his match in Dr. Phil?
"A Husband's Decision: His Marriage or His Mistress"  
Stacey says she was living the perfect life as a mother of six children and wife to a successful business owner, until 2009, when she says she found out that her husband of 23 years, Dave, was cheating on her with a woman half his age, who she claims was an exotic dancer. Dave says Stacey never showed him any affection and that the other woman made him feel alive for the first time. Now, seven years later, the couple wonders if they can – and should – try to pick up the pieces and be a family again.