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Dr. Phil

Series Description

DR. PHIL, the Emmy-nominated hit syndicated, daily one-hour talk show hosted by America's most popular psychologist and lifestyle strategist, Dr. Phil McGraw, is the leader in daytime talk. McGraw's success stems from his signature “get real” approach to helping his guests solve their problems, stripping through their emotional clutter, helping them to get down to the bare bones of their issues and giving them the challenge they need to move ahead.

This Week's Episodes
Mon: Handsome and Homeless: A Down-and-Out Romeo?
ALL-NEW! YouTube sensation "Homeless Joe," 26, survives on the mean streets of Manhattan by panhandling during the day and picking up women at night. Joe admits he could get a place of his own if he stopped drinking but says being homeless without alcohol is unbearable. Is this "cardboard Casanova" interested in turning his life around?
Tue: Bright, Beautiful and Blowing It: ‘Help My Teen Before It's Too Late!'
ALL-NEW! Vanessa and Kurt are fed up with Vanessa's 15-year-old daughter, Emily, who they say is drinking, smoking pot, popping prescription pills and causing constant chaos. But Emily insists she isn't the partier her mother and stepfather make her out to be. Can Dr. Phil help this blended family get back on track?
Wed: Minny and Lon Return: ‘What Can We Do to Get Our Children Out of Foster Care?'?
ALL-NEW! Nine months ago, Minny and Lon appeared on the show after their then 17-year-old son, Andrue, tragically tried to take his own life. Andrue's younger siblings were recently placed in foster care based on his testimony. Can Dr. Phil help this family move forward?
Thu: Abused Wife Refuses to Leave Her Pro-Fighter Husband?
ALL-NEW! Kaitlyn and her professional fighter husband, Josh, made headlines in August when he was arrested for allegedly assaulting her twice in one weekend. But Kaitlyn says she has no plans to leave Josh. Why is she defending him? Dr. Phil has a strong warning for the mother of two -- will it make an impact?
Fri: “Death on 5th Avenue: Millionaire Mom Accused of Murdering Son Speaks from Rikers Island”   *** DAYTIME TELEVISION EXCLUSIVE***
ALL-NEW! In a daytime television exclusive, Dr. Phil sits down with Gigi Jordan, a millionaire New York socialite and former pharmaceutical executive on trial this week for the February 2010 death of her 8-year-old son, Jude. Jordan, who admits she killed her son, claims she had no choice but to end his life. Was this murder or a mother trying to protect her child?