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Dr. Phil

Series Description

DR. PHIL, the Emmy-nominated hit syndicated, daily one-hour talk show hosted by America's most popular psychologist and lifestyle strategist, Dr. Phil McGraw, is the leader in daytime talk. McGraw's success stems from his signature “get real” approach to helping his guests solve their problems, stripping through their emotional clutter, helping them to get down to the bare bones of their issues and giving them the challenge they need to move ahead.

This Week's Episodes
Mon: From Top TV Newscaster to Drunken Mom  
Christi says she was an Emmy-winning TV news reporter at the top of her career, but her struggle with alcohol has left her jobless, sleeping in bushes and estranged from her two adult daughters, Heather and Haleigh. Christi faces her daughters for the first time in more than two years. Is she really ready to get clean? And, are they willing to give her another chance? 
Tue: ‘My Cyberbullied Daughter Killed Herself; Now I'm Being Harassed Online by a Stranger’
Tricia says her 12-year-old daughter, Rebecca Ann, tragically took her own life in 2013 after being cyberbullied. Now, Tricia claims she not only is being harassed online by a stranger -- who shares the same name as her deceased daughter -- but she also is being accused of the unthinkable. Tempers flare when the women come face to face for the first time on Dr. Phil’s stage. How can Tricia move forward in peace and finally grieve her daughter’s loss?
Wed: Parental Alienation or Runaway Sisters? ‘Help Me Find My Teen Daughters’
Brian says in July 2014, his two teen daughters vanished while visiting his ex-wife, and he thinks she is hiding the girls. But Brian’s oldest daughter, Brittany, says she believes her sisters ran away to avoid living with Brian, who she claims is controlling and abusive -- allegations Brian firmly denies. Can Dr. Phil help find answers?
Thu: The College Professor and His Many Women
Tanya claims her estranged husband, Winston, is a “master manipulator” who used his status as an upstanding Christian professor to violate her emotionally and financially. Winston, on the other hand, says Tanya is a deceptive "gold digger." The estranged couple faces each other on Dr. Phil’s stage -- along with two other women who claim Winston lied to them, as well. Can they reach a truce?
Fri: ‘My Mother is a Menace! She is Controlling My Daughter with Her Money and Turning Her against Me!’
Rachel says her mother, Dixie, is “controlling, narcissistic and pure evil” and has turned Rachel’s 18-year-old daughter, Abbie, against her. Dixie says Rachel has always been more interested in partying than being a good mom, and that’s why she feels Abbie is better off living with her. Dr. Phil reunites the three generations. What does Abbie want? And, can they hit the reset button and move forward in a peaceful, healthy way?